Islamic Worship Design

Student: Group Project
Instructor: Gilbert Sunghera, SJ

Students: Krysia Bussière, Mollie Decker, Carlos Ibarra, Jordan Jerore, Andrew Laszczyk, Charlott Lembke, Sandra Nava, Trong Nguyen, Leonae Nichol, Thomas Provost, John Quaine, Freddy Quintana, Justin Scott, Christina Smith, Tyler Timmreck

Working Group: Muslim Student Organization


Designing for Islamic Worship – 15 Perspectives is comprised of fifteen proposals for the Islamic prayer space in the basement of Reno Hall on the campus of the University of Detroit Mercy. Confronted with an existing prayer space that is dark and restrictive, students worked on contemporary design transformations that fulfill the flexible needs of the Muslim Student Organization. Throughout the design process, aspects such as separation, ablution, and light were explored in great depths. In particular, light was the key element to creating a rich spiritual environment. Each project offers something unique, providing a range of design ideas that reflect the values of Islamic culture. Designing for Islamic Worship – 15 Perspectives will serve as a reference to the enticing design possibilities for the Islamic prayer space.