Wolf Point Academy

Student: Evan Broske
Instructor: Tadd Heidgerken


The design and development of a 3-10 story multi-use academic building that engages a unique art and design educational complex at the point of Confluence along Chicago’s riverfront; Wolf Point. The building was required to develop a public, or semi-public, program that incorporates exterior space to strengthen the city engagement with the physical, social, cultural and urban context.The project is incorporate the Chicago River walk into the property and is to strengthen the human scale in a city of the skyscraper.


  • To explore architecture with attention to integrating structure, mechanical, and energy solutions as design tools.
  • To develop programming and design strategies to integrate multiple complex programs into a unique building project that reinforces a direct interaction with the surround community.
  • To create beautiful, functional urban space.
  • Challenge your personal perspective on LEARNING and educational structures.
  • Take a stance on the VALUE of community context into design.

AR1400 – Winter 2012

Project location: Chicago, IL

TYPE: Academic facility, Mixed use